Establishing a Limited Liability Company in Turkey

There are three types of companies in Turkey

  1. Personal company
  2. Limited Liability Company
  3. Joint-stock company

 We talked about the establishment of the limited company, as it is more effective and for the possibility of multiple activities that reach 41 activities in one license. It includes everything except the gold trade, money exchange, pharmacy, medical centers and non-profit organizations such as charities

One of the advantages of the limited liability company is that its papers are registered and approved by the Supreme Court of Turkey that represented by a notary. The limited liability company registered the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Industry, the Ministry of Finance and the Turkish Tax Department. It also provides the opportunity to register the company’s papers in the Turkish customs for import and export legally, and it register trademarks and preserve rights


 The owners of the company determine it and you can start with 100,000 T.L until infinity

But we recommend that you initially set at least 100,000 TL

Monthly financial commitments

  1. Financial advisor 154 Turkish lira per month
  2. If the owner of the company does not secure the rent a place, we can secure it legally for 154 liras per month
  3. The lease contract tax is payable with the value of each month from the value of the lease contract every three months, for example: when the lease contract value is 1000 T.L per month, it is paid every 3 months as a month’s rent to the state and it is called rent tax (stoppage).
  4. The accounting office works to allocate a budget for the company so that the company does not come out in the negative indicator at the end of the year. The annual company taxes estimated in the event that no invoice issued between (0044-5444 T.L)
  5. Tax system
  6. Taxes on the invoice are usually 41%. It determined by the quality of the product.
  7. Profit tax is 22% of net profit
  8. The import tax varies by product
  9.  The stimulus and export tax reduction are also determined by product
  10.  The value of the establishment of the company includes all the papers from the financial licenses, the Chamber of Commerce, the fees for sworn translation, the registration of the signature form, the issuance of the official gazette, the licensing, and the follow-up to the financial statement. This value paid once, including our office fees.
  11.  Annually at the end of the 12th month, the certification of the company’s securities paid to the finances. It estimated between 4244-4044 T.L
  12. A company’s bank account opened after receiving all the company’s papers from state institutions.
  13. When we finish the establishment of the company. It is possible that we sign a consultancy contract to monitor the company’s business, monitor the work of the financial advisor, and to keep the company in the right direction, and this agreed upon later.
  14. The period for incorporation ranges between 0-44 days
  15. Health insurance
  16.  The owner of the company can activate social security at any time he wants. It used to treat the owner of the company and his family. It required issuing a work permit. It can be paid monthly or at the end of the year and its value ranges between 044 – 4244 T.L
  17. In the case of employing any person, it is preferable that the first employee be Turkish to facilitate obtaining a work permit for the owner of the company and to facilitate the rest of the company’s affairs. The minimum wage estimated at TL 2, 943, 00 including health insurance.