How do you inter the investment portal in Turkey?

We are working on expansion, development, pluralizing of the resources of economic cooperation, continuing of the Department of Economic and Legal Services, business developing, and giving a future vision through which we can absorb the risks of the future economy.

Our services

  • Legal guidance, establishing of companies, and legal mapping at the level of the individual and the institution
  • Economic guidance and studying of economic opportunities at the level of the private and public sectors and communication with decision-makers
  • Guidance in terms of the touristic business of all its touristic and medical sectors
  • Guidance in terms of ,the real estate and explaining the possibility of opportunities between stability and real estate investment, and giving the appropriate opportunities to invest inside Turkey ,and linking relations outside Turkey with a plan proportion with the goals and capabilities of the company

Investment guide in Turkey

Why Ecolink Group

Years of providing consultancy for small, medium and large projects and for international companies that, started investing from our introduction to the concepts of the Turkish economy. We have an economic consultancy license we provided all economic guidance services at the international level from what we have economic relations with the category of decision-makers in Turkey and abroad. We are working to achieve the greatest added value for the company and the company's client to benefit from it. Let us make sure that the benefit is mutual for all parties to complete an economic cycle that contains an internal system which secures the future of investment from inside Turkey and abroad.

Investment guide in Turkey

Business restructuring, evaluation and correcting of errors

We are working on making improvements that will raise the efficiency and achieve the effectiveness of the processes used within the institutions

Here, the work mechanisms that are used must be reconsider to determine how to build processes that enhance and improve the way of work

Review works’ methods to work on redesigning business processes. Restructuring and arranging business processes to achieve significant improvements in quality, cost and speed

Review of working methods to encourage innovation with a strategy to create improvements and development. So any company can become a much stronger, more successful and shining competitor in the larger market

Process reengineering cycle

Define processes > Review updates and analysis > what project design should be > Execute testing processes

Ecolink investment

Our investments

Content Marketing

Through specializing in media industries, content strategies, media image, content production, digital media monitoring and open source intelligence, we aim to provide leading models in the media industry world and enrich the media experience.

Real estate development

Through a long experience in real estate consultancy and guidance, we are excited to provide our services in the real estate development sectors. We have a professional, friendly and dedicated staff at work around the clock ready to give the best advice and professional counsel and to make the investment process clearer and smooth. We provide a complete real estate service and ensure that the needs of our clients are met given we have experts in every field to guide them skillfully from the beginning of your real estate journey to the end.

Digital interface for companies

We believe in thinking differently. We create high quality websites that are beautifully designed, easy to use, and ideal for user interaction. The intelligent UX interface and advanced SEO combine to form an all-new system that allows the creation of perfect websites that top the search engine results.

Medical Tourism

Turkey has an infrastructure in the medical tourism sector. It is sufficient to meet the needs of the whole region. There is no obstacle for Turkey to be the center of the region in this sector. It relies on private and government facilities to cater to this sector. Turkey relies on a strict quality application system in terms of applying medical and technical standards through cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Turkish medical associations.

Financial investment western union

The financial sector is facing, with the development of events on the international arena, in terms of economics and politics, challenges and difficulties. That is why we decided to be present in this sector for financial procedures in a more simplified way to serve the largest number of auditors and customers.

Investment sector of trade

With the development of political events in the world and the region surrounding Turkey in particular, and showing the importance of the strategic trade blocs and agreements, through which the expanded work is carried out to achieve a commercial renaissance through an expanded geographical distribution to secure in one way or another a solid base for real food security. In terms of enriching the two parties, not enriching one party to impoverish the other. From this point, we are working to give new opportunities to international exporters with standards of quality and continuity that meet the needs of peoples. Through state-sponsored export activities to preserve the rights of all parties, and our experience in the international and domestic fields, we were able to reach some points of importance in the field of international trade. We aspire to reach an expanded global level.

Ecolink partners

Our partners

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