When dealing with Eco-Link, a group of specialists in various fields related to investment will in the following areas

  • Economists
  • Experts in studying projects and their economic feasibility
  • Legal experts and accountants at the international and local levels

We are working on implementing projects, monitoring and evaluating their work, and returning the necessary production operations. The company provides the necessary information to secure the right cover that is commensurate with the right investment climate in light of economic changes. We offer projects that contain an economic cycle that includes an internal system that secures the future of investment for the project itself

Our values represented in the transparency that we establish in our relationship with our partners and customers, by providing a package of consulting services to reach a clear vision in its legal and technical form, to become a first step in the right direction

We also work with a clear strategy to be part of the solution, not the problem, and to represent the way and not the obstacle to investment

 We are a team of specialists at Eco Link. We will help you analyze your desires in the investment sector and provide advice and consultations in the best safe and successful ways in the Turkish economy for emerging, medium and global companies, through accurate and current information developed in different sectors of the Turkish economy in particular and the global economy in general

 We are a company that works on preparing the necessary strategic plans in the right place and time to enter the world of investment through knowledge and the network of local and international relations in various fields. We work with all levels and parties with their diversity and different goals at the local and international levels, taking into account and with a future strategic view all the variables of scales on all levels